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More Value for Your Business

Playable on Mobile: Provide games straight to your customers phones; no hardware for you to buy.

Low Operating Costs: Automated sales process and in-app guidance means no staffing required.

Flexible and Scalable: Build and sell as many games as you like playable by small groups or large events.

Always Open: Customers are able to buy and play anytime with no booking required.

Unlimited Playing Space: Games take place outside making expansion of your business easy.

Made by you: Games can be built, themed and deployed with no programming skills required.

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At your finger tips

Full power of the Roamr platform available to you.

Easily create games:
Build, test and deploy your own games - no coding required.

Bespoke look and feel:
Colour themes, icons and map styles - make the your game unique for your customers.

Monitor Experience Live: Watch players progress live - deliver great experiences for your customers.

Get quantified feedback:
Player statistics provide rich insight into long term player experience - know you're top of your game.

Automated or easy:
Our promise to our customers and to yours on customer service. It's automated or it's easy. No excuses.

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Example Games

Enjoyed by many

Mayor Murder Mystery
  • £24.99
Midtown Mural Madness
  • £24.99
Demo Game
  • £0.00
Amazing Animals!
  • £24.99